Managing Variables

You can use Variables in the Post Text, as Hashtags or a Media Links

Adding a Variable

  1. Navigate to the 'Variables' page
  2. Click 'Add Variable' from the Top Right
  3. Click on the new Variable
  4. Enter a Name
    • You may want to use a character in front of it's name so you don't accidently give it a name you could type without meaniing to, such as !Name
  5. Select your Variable Delimeter (Comma, New Line or Space)
    • This is so you can more easily split out your content to see. Depending on the values, or where you are taking them from you might find one easier than the others
  6. Select your Scope
    • Here you select where you want this variable to be used, you can limit to just one area, a campaign or a brand, or have it available everywhere
  7. Enter your items, making sure they are separated using the option chosen in Step 5
  8. Click 'Save'
  9. You can now use the Variable in the scopes you selected

Removing a Variable

  1. Click the 'x' on the right of any Variable

Post Maker

Any variables added with the Post Maker tag are added across the whole application

Duplicating Variables

  1. Click on the variable you want to duplicate
  2. Click on the green 'Duplicate' button at the bottom right
  3. The duplicated variable will appear on the left hand side of the variables tab

Updated 07 Jun 2021
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