Writing your Variation

Post Maker will generate everything which is inside square brackets [ and ]

Complete Example

A variation which would produce 20 posts could look like this

[Hello|Howdy] [Followers] [How do you like to|what is the best way to] [start|begin|end|complete|smash] [your day?] [!TAGS2]

The Basics

[Hello Earth]

will produce just the one post which is

Hello Earth

Providing alternatives

You don't care for Post Maker if it just produces one measly post, you want more, so you can create more by putting options within you square brackets using the Pipe | separator

[Hello] [Earth|Mercury|Venus|Mars]

This will now produce 4 posts

  • Hello Earth
  • Hello Mercury
  • Hello Venus
  • Hello Mars

If you want to extend this further you could have different salutations

[Hello|Good Morning|G'day|Howdy|Hello there] [Earth|Mercury|Venus|Mars]

This has 5 versions of the first section, and our 4 planets... that's 20 posts!

Adding Hashtags

You can decide how many hashtags to use and where to place them by adding the following text into your post text


where ? is how many tags you want to use, for example [!TAGS2] will add two tags from your list of available

The hash tags section takes a comma separated list of tags, without the preceeding '#'

You can also use Variables to use as your Hashtags (see below under Using Variables) - the spaces will be removed and turned into Title Case - just be careful you don't accidently create some unintential hashtags...

Using Variables

In your Post Text

We added variables, so that you can save a list of Products, Call to Actions, Services, URLs or anything that you want to re-use.

To use a Variable use its name in your post

[Rainbows can have the colour] [!Rainbow]

This generates 7 posts - one for each colour defined in our Rainbow variable

In your Hashtags

Enter a Variable name in your hash tag list and all of the items will be added to the list of available tags to use


will produce the hashtags

red, organge, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, black, white

In your Media URLs

Just like hashtags, you can use a variable containing your publicly accessible urls for media and they will be they sustitued into your list

Updated 13 Apr 2021
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